Portable Boats

Portable Boats
Fly Fishing

There are a lot of different types of portable boats on the market today for fly fishing. There is your traditional inflatable that can seat two people and some that can seat three, four and even six people. There are some that come with their own backpack for ease of transport and storage. There are even inflatable kayaks for fly fishing on the market today.

Sea Eagle 330 Inflatable Kayak

This type of boat is the perfect choice for those who do not want to trailer a boat around and have to maintain a solid haul boat. Most of these boats are easily transportable and can be easily stowed away.

Some of these inflatables even have an option for a motor mount kit so you can put an electric trolling motor on it.

There is a huge selection of these types of boats on the market today. Amazon has a pretty good selection of brand name portable boats. Names like Sea Eagle, Intex, Solstice, and Newport just to name a few. Amazon has many of these boats discounted and has deals on free shipping. You can check out their entire selection of Portable Boats Here.

Cabela’s also has a great selection of portable boats to choose from. They have a broad selection of brand name boats at reasonable prices. To check out Cabela’s selection of Portable Boats Click Here Now!

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